Clipsal Saturn Zen Switches and Power Points Explained

Clip-on metal conduit fittings sit at the early beginnings of the iconic brand that is Clipsal. For more than 100 years now this Aussie brand has been innovating and developing its line of products. Although their beginnings in 1920 were humble, they soon made the first all-Australian switch in just 10 years’ time.

Clipsal was also one of the pioneering companies in the use of thermoplastics back in 1950. The brand has stood strong throughout its rich history and it has shown that with constant progress everything is possible. A good example of this is their Saturn Zen range which mainly includes switches and power points.

Opened Clipsal Power Socket.

Saturn Zen Power Points

Double Power Point

This horizontal mount, 250V, 10A rated double power point unit comes with a fingerprint-resistant matte metallic finish and a modern square edge design. From the Clipsal Saturn zen range this product is what stands for function affordability and convenience in one.

Single Power Point

The same can be said for Clipsal’s single power point from their Saturn Zen series which too has the same construction and capabilities except it can only serve one appliance at a time. But like every other Clipsal zen range product, this one is mercury-free, free of toxic heavy metals and it’s marked as a green premium product.

Saturn Zen Switches


The Architrave 1 gang switch is a 46 mm wide and 51 mm tall switch that comes with a subtle LED indicator so you’re able to find it in the dark quite easily. It supports 250V and 16 AX/ 20 A1 and it comes in slim packaging. There’s nothing as simple as Clipsal’s Architrave switch.


The Clipsal Saturn Zen range comes with another elegant-looking product and that is their dimmer switch. Like the Architrave unit, it has the same simplistic design except here you have the addition of a dimmer knob that you turn in the direction marked on the switch itself. You can also use different labelling to specify what each button does with the Clipsal Zen product range.


This double pole switch is made to be used as a means to operate a cooking appliance, hence the name. Just like the dimmer switch above, you have one button with which you operate the appliance that clearly shows how to do so and when the appliance is on.

Push Button

The Saturn Zen series includes a push button 6 gang LED switch which is 250 V 16AX/ 20 A rated. You can get the push button switch with a soft glow LED light too and optional pictogram buttons. This unit is backward compatible with the Clipsal Saturn 4000 range.

Australian Power Socket.

How To Take Care of Electrical Hardware

Replace Cords

Although we take cords for granted and we even want to get rid of them as they are sometimes in the way, they’re still an important part of electrical systems. In fact, if you don’t take care of them they can be the cause for said system going bad or not working at all. Therefore it’s important that you inspect and replace cords whenever that’s needed as otherwise, you can end up causing more harm than good.

Check Outlets

The points of contact with the grid for many devices and appliances, power outlets need to be taken good care of too. They should be inspected both internally and externally for any damage and especially the inside should be inspected for loose fasteners or even wiring. They might look simple but not all outlets are simple to wire and check up on them. Outdoor outlets should be tested too and especially those behind furniture or in the basement as they’re not used as much as more accessible outlets.


Although it seems too simple for it to be a maintenance task, unplugging the appliances that you don’t use that much is a great way to keep them safe. How is that so? Well, in case of a power outage where the electrical installation of your home gets damaged, there’s a chance that some of your devices and appliances might get damaged too.

Now, that’s not always the case, but since you never know when it will be, just unplug unused appliances or ones that you’ll leave unused when going over on holiday and you’ll rest assured they won’t get fried. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

Final Words

No company is perfect in terms of what they offer, but Clipsal is second to none when it comes to making electrical hardware that will keep your home safe. You won’t have to worry about your outlets or switches failing on you anytime soon, especially if you go with their Saturn Zen range which is aesthetically pleasing too. All in all, Clipsal is a brand with a rich history and a century-old reputation that is hard to avoid when shopping for such fundamental pieces for your home.


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